Solutions are a collection of services and features that are packaged and sold together in order to appeal to a specific segment or use case. A few examples of Bandwidth Solutions include Network Bridge, Message Hub and unified communications (UC). Solutions are categorized by the service(s) under which the feature falls and are named according to their attributes and the segment for which they are intended. The naming should be discreet and include a word from the key feature or solution with which it is associated. For example, Network Bridge allows the user to switch voice traffic to our network, and Messaging Hub allows the user to send messages through our interface. Those are just a few of the many solutions that can be utilized to support our customers.

How Bandwidth is Involved with Solutions

Bandwidth provides communications solutions to customers through our propriery APIs that allow customers to quickly and easily tailor our services to meet their needs.

What Are the Benefits of Bandwidth’s Solutions

Bandwidth at its core is a communications service provider (CPaaS). Using our Voice, Messaging, E9-1-1 and numbers product offerings, customers are able to excel their business by utilizing Bandwidth services.

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