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Numbers in a customer’s account in the Phone Number Dashboard may be associated with a Sub-Account that a customer creates and manages as they wish, related to their own business practices. For example, a Sub-Account can establish billing and address information different from the main or parent account.


What does a Sub-Account/Site Mean with Bandwidth

Customers associate Locations in the Bandwidth Dashboard to a Sub-Account.


What Are the Benefits of Sub-Account/Site with Bandwidth

Bandwidth’s Phone Number Dashboard is changing how businesses manage their phone numbers and interact with their customers. Our customers enjoy a variety of insights and features when they engage with their Sub-account/Site on the Phone Number Dashboard. Bandwidth has brought the cloud to the communications industry by providing a cloud-based communication platform (APIs) that allow for our customers to manage phone numbers and other communication services with ease. Our customers enjoy the benefits of being able to easily have access to CSV reports on phone numbers that range from active inventory, to ordering, porting disconnect activity and other attributes per line (caller ID, DL/DA, messaging, tier). As a result, customers can get reports on all active history and enabled features of phone numbers they have with us.

Bandwidth has provided Sub-account/Sites to revolutionize how businesses interact with their phone numbers so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most to them.



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