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Build text based appointment reminders

Reach customers by text and reduce missed appointments— Bandwidth makes it easy

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What can you build with the Bandwidth SMS API?

Appointment reminders

Keep contacts in the know on the device that’s always by their side. No push notifications, app downloads, or emails that get lost or ignored.

Text from your existing numbers

Already have a number for your contact center or business inquiries? SMS-enable it for all your business communication needs.

Customer Service & Notifications

Get in touch and stay in touch via text. With open rates and response rates that are much higher than email, it’s well worth your investment.

The Ultimate Guide to Bandwidth’s SMS API

Why Bandwidth?

Messaging needs to be awesome.

We always deliver.

We know how the SMS industry works — and we put it to work for you. As a major carrier, we have tight-knit relationships with the other major wireless carriers, as well as our own SPAM and Fraud mitigation platform. That means we know what it takes to ensure that the right messages are delivered, and bad actors get shut down before they even hit send.

We’ve got your back 100%.

At Bandwidth, we’ve got a team in place to welcome you through the doors, but our support doesn’t end there. From our meticulous (yet simple) onboarding process, to our customer success team that’s always on call when issues arise, we’ve got your back throughout your journey with us. And the best part? It’s all included as a Bandwidth customer—that’s right, no upcharge for an amazing experience.

We’re our own carrier. That means instant value!

Unlike most of the other SMS API providers you’ve probably heard of, Bandwidth brings the benefit of network ownership to the table. That means you get more control and a better user experience—at a lower price with greater economies of scale.

When we made the switch to Bandwidth to power our SMS platform, it was very easy to get started. All the required documentation and API references were online and we were able to set everything up in a couple of days.

Sample Code

Take it and run!

Try before you buy: How well does your software communicate?

Sample code? Yeah, we got that. We can solve your problem just like we’ve done for everyone from application start-ups and traditional telecom companies, to some of the most demanding internet giants in the business.

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