Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Secure messaging made simple

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Make a traditional username and password combination harder for hackers to crack with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

A quick and easy way to verify account credentials and secure your info

2FA is a way to add an additional layer of security to a user’s mobile phone, usually through a one-time PIN code sent over SMS to their device. Bandwidth’s Text Messaging API gives you all the building blocks you need to quickly and easily build your own two-factor authentication solution, and the flexibility to build to suit your exact needs.

Setting Up Your Two-Factor Authentication Server

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Here’s a two-factor authentication app builder’s guide to help get you off the ground.

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The building blocks of secure messaging

You don’t want to spend hours or days to set up 2FA, and you shouldn’t have to–thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work for you. With the building blocks we provide, you can easily create a two-factor authentication solution that utilizes our server infrastructure to generate verification codes and PINS to keep delicate information safe.

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Custom-tailored solutions

Every business is different, which means your messaging needs are unique to you. Our 2FA solutions don’t come in a one-size-fits-all box, allowing you to build the solution you need. And, since we own the APIs and the network, you get a custom solution without the costs and limitation of most out-of-the-box two factor authentication solutions.

Secure messaging doesn’t have to be hard

Protecting yourself and your customers is critical, but shouldn’t be difficult. By building our your own two-factor authentication app using Bandwidth Messaging, you have all the building blocks you need to build a secure product and the flexibility to build your application in a way that works for you.

Let’s get your messaging secured

Protecting yourself and your customers is critical, but it shouldn’t be difficult. With messaging from Bandwidth, building your two-factor authentication app is easy.

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