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Verified SMS

Stand out in your customers’ SMS inbox and give them the confidence to know you’re you.

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Mobile phone showing RCS messaging demo

What is Verified SMS?

Verified SMS is a texting enhancement that automatically delivers brand information like your business’s logo, name, and a verification check mark in your texts to consumers.

It’s designed to give consumers an extra layer of security and brand authenticity: so they know the text they’re receiving is from a verified business. 

Each verified phone number is validated twice: once through Bandwidth, and once through Google. Think of it like two-factor authentication for phone numbers. Verified senders are confirmed through encryption (without Google seeing the message content at all), so you know your messages are delivered safely.

Verified SMS at-a-glance:

  • Display your logo, business name, and URL previews in texts to consumers.
  • Simple submission process for verification.
  • Verify any type of phone number, including toll-free, local, and short codes.
  • Verified and brand information will automatically display on Android-powered devices*.
*Verified SMS is rolling out gradually to only RCS-enabled Android phones with Google Messaging. The technology is being enabled in the U.S., India, Mexico, Brazil, U.K., France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada, with more locales following soon.

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