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And she’s live! Introducing the new face of Bandwidth!

Big week here at Bandwidth! On Monday, we revealed a new face for the Bandwidth brand—a new company logo. We’re pretty excited about our new look and wanted to share the inside story on how we got here.

A More Connected World Built Here

We began this journey by taking a look at what we’re trying to represent—what is Bandwidth’s unique position in the market? Over the last 16 years, Bandwidth has grown and evolved into one of the most influential players in the communications industry. Look around at the world we live in today…. we can control everything from the palm of our hands…. send money, book a ride, video chat with our boss, arrange a pet sitter, see who’s ringing the doorbell, book a doctor’s apt, check vital stats. The way technology has evolved is truly remarkable. And Bandwidth plays an important role in so much of that. Customers come to us to co-create innovative solutions with us, using our network and powerful software platform. Our mission was to represent all of that goodness with a single mark. Easy enough, right? Go!


A Labor of Love

As we set out to define our visual identity, we wanted to create a mark that really captured the heart and soul of this unique company. To do that, we needed something that was remarkably different from other logos we see in the tech space… something that wasn’t too corporate looking but conveyed our strength, innovation and sustainability. It had to have the perfect energy and evoke the right emotion whether you saw it on a website, in an ad, or on the tee shirt of somebody walking down the street. It had to be just right.  We’re talking Goldilocks here.

Ben Harris, Brand Director for Republic Wireless, shares iterations of the logo with CEO David Morken, CMO Noreen Allen and Graphic Designer Kelsey Hughes

After several months of hard work and iterations by many talented designers, it was love at 10,000th sight (LOTS of iterations). The new mark is made up of the letters “BW,” a creative, artistic representation of our name.  It’s bold and strong, with a dash of whimsy thrown in. Perhaps the best part is, this new logo was created by one of our internal designers, Ben Harris, Brand Director for Republic Wireless and absolute rockstar.  (You’ll hear more on the logo creation process in a blog post tomorrow from Ben.)

Sign your Name (someone queue the Terrence Trent D’Arby)

A signature is a powerful thing. It’s your personal brand, your identity, your endorsement. It’s your seal of approval.  The new Bandwidth logo is a signature, and it represents the collective signature, the very essence, of our employees—430 strong today. The fluidity and momentum of the BW in that signature reflects the forward moving company we’ve always been, and the perpetual evolution of our people and our business.

Now, for the Cool Part

You’ll notice that the mark is not a flat signature, but instead, a three-dimensional shape. It almost jumps off the page when you see the 3D version. That three-dimensional shape represents the energy and momentum of Bandwidth. This is a company that is never stagnant, never gets old, and is always moving forward to the next mission impossible, making its own indelible mark on our world. You don’t see many 3D logos, particularly for corporate brands, but then again, you don’t see many corporate brands as bold as Bandwidth.

The masterminds behind our killer new look – designers Ben Harris and Kelsey Hughes

Bringing it to Life

Once the logo was created, our next mission was to bring it to life and define its personality, visually. That job fell squarely on the shoulders of Kelsey Hughes, a graduate of the NCSU School of Design and an uber-talented designer on the Bandwidth team.


The primary version of the logo is a chrome color. The metallic look reflects the strength and tradition of the Bandwidth brand. In many ways, it feels timeless—a piece of beautiful metal, a shape formed through many years of both small dents and great hammer bangs by a team of people that’s been driven to constantly question and obliterate the status quo.  A piece of art formed not only by those who are with us today—but fashioned by the hard work and innovation of many others who’ve joined us at one time or another along our journey.  The malleability of the metal represents the road we see ahead, a path to the future that will continue to take shape through the grace and efforts of both our team members and the customers we serve each day.


We didn’t want to be locked into one color with this logo. Our brand identity is more about the iconic shape and substance of the mark, and less about the specific colors.  The beauty of the metallic color is that it can be paired with just about anything. Kelsey worked tirelessly to find the perfect color palette and collection of patterns to use in the initial rollout.


At times, you’ll see the logo in a single color overtop a pattern. Other times, you’ll see just the mark alone, contained in a circle, or with a vibrant pattern within.  Just like Bandwidth, this mark has many sides—a brilliant, vibrant energy and a personality expressed in many different ways.

The Rest of the Package

The look of our new website is clean and open—a mirror of the company we are today.  It speaks to the creativity that we enable within our customers and the innovative spirit of our team. It invites the visitor to dig deeper and discover how to achieve the unthinkable by believing the impossible.


In addition to the new logo, brand and website, we also made some interesting updates to our corporate office lobby area. We added wood paneling for a modern, organic feel that reflects the versatility and personality of our people and reinforces a feeling of “home away from home.” That’s truly what working at Bandwidth feels like for so many of our team members. Though we strongly encourage work-life balance, there are rare times when folks pull an all-nighter due to outages or new products launching…or, say, a new logo being revealed. During those times, I’ve been both thrilled and humbled to hear employees say that they actually loved being part of that “2am action.” It’s simply a place where our employees want to be, because they know, without a doubt, that who they are and what they do matter.

Welcome to the new Bandwidth! Our story just keeps unfolding, and we can’t wait to write the next chapter with you.