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Announcing the Bandwidth Learning Lab

UPDATE: The Bandwidth Learning Lab is now available to everyone! Read more to get the down low on the new Bandwidth Learning Lab and self-guided training.

In 2019 we’re making strides to improve the support experience at Bandwidth. You may have seen this in the way we launched enhancements to the Bandwidth Support Center in January.

We want our customers to get the most out of their Bandwidth experience and to make it as easy as possible for them to learn how to manage and use their account. So at the end of March, we will start to release a tool in our Dashboard called the Bandwidth Learning Lab. This will be the go-to hub for self-guided training content and support.

We’ve built a library of step-by-step guides that can train and guide you through key tasks in the Bandwidth Dashboard. Additionally, we’ve made it easier to connect with our support teams.

The Bandwidth Learning Lab provides you with…

  • Walkthrough guides that take you step-by-step through the workflow of common tasks in the Bandwidth Dashboard. We understand that some users learn better by doing, and we want to cater to your preferred learning style. Need to perform a task, but not sure how? Instead of searching through videos and articles, you can now learn through self-guided training lessons. We’ve even added in a progress tracker so you know what you’ve seen and what you haven’t.
  • Some guides contain educational videos and links to Support Center articles so you can continue researching or fall down a rabbit hole, Alice in Wonderland style.
  • We wanted to make it easier for you to engage with our support resources, so we’re adding quick access links for you to open a support ticket and browse support articles directly within the Bandwidth Dashboard.  You can now reference and reach out – all in the same place.

We’re so excited to bring you self-guided training content…

We’ve gotten tons of requests asking for more self-service learning tools and we’re so pleased to bring them to you where you need them, in the Bandwidth Dashboard. The Bandwidth Learning Lab makes your job easier. It’s a consultative guide, and it’s there for you before and after hours. It also means you don’t always have to submit a ticket or pick up the phone, allowing you to answer your own questions on your own time.

If you’re curious about something, you can check it out. If you have a quick question, you can search it easily. Our resources are now at your fingertips and, as always, the minute you want to talk to a human, we have our team of experts standing by.

So Happy Learning! We hope you enjoy using the new Bandwidth Learning Lab.

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