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Bandwidth announces new communications API suite built for scaling SaaS companies

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Bandwidth Inc. (NASDAQ: BAND), a software company focused on communications for the enterprise, today announced its new SaaS Developer Suite—a unique communications API toolkit built specifically to accommodate the needs of scaling SaaS companies with carrier-grade telecom access to robust talk, text, and emergency calling APIs. SaaS companies have long benefitted from Bandwidth’s direct-to-carrier economics, functionality, and insights to strategically integrate telecom features into their software. Now, Bandwidth is packaging up each API in one powerful solution built for scaling SaaS companies. The Developer Suite combines Bandwidth’s powerful messaging APIs, new emergency calling API, and newly upgraded voice calling API for a best-in-class SaaS solution. 

“You simply can’t outgrow us,“ said Brad Roldan, Bandwidth’s VP of Product Management. “As SaaS companies scale, they have unique needs—they need greater insights to each channel, they need to eliminate capacity planning as an obstacle to scale, and they want the metrics that demonstrate every transaction results in meaningful ROI.” Bandwidth built out its own carrier network in order to solve for the needs of this large, growing SaaS customer. This unique advantage, packaged with the new suite of services, aims to solve for increased capacity needs, direct and expanded messaging delivery, and call path insight, as well as a carrier-direct pricing structure. 

SaaS companies can now easily add SMS and MMS notifications or alerts, text conversations, voice calling via PSTN and webRTC, as well as emergency calling with flexible location routing to their platforms. This is a powerful and unique combination of features. Included in the suite are the following: 

  • Bandwidth’s industry-leading Messaging API helps SaaS companies innovate and iterate faster, and gives access to pinpoint accurate usage and delivery data. The benefits of developing with Bandwidth include expanded message delivery insight, industry expertise to mitigate spam blocking, and early access to features like Verified SMS by Google, which can help brands build trust with their mobile subscribers, and Local A2P, one of the first full-featured APIs built on new 10DLC messaging routes, as well as preferred access to Bandwidth’s RCS beta program.  
  • Bandwidth’s Voice API has been upgraded, and now gives the same direct-to-carrier call quality at even higher capacity, with more accurate billing which means instant cost savings. Instead of rounding calls up to the nearest minute, as was previously done,, SaaS companies can now benefit from additional cost savings that come with 6-second increment billing. For an application making a call that lasts 1:05 seconds, you’re now billed for just one minute and 6 seconds of the call; previously, you’d be billed for a full two minutes. This spot-on billing accuracy is unique to the CPaaS industry, where minute-by-minute billing is industry standard. 
  • As emergency regulations for businesses are changing, and the mobile workforce is ever-increasing, our API makes it super flexible to make emergency calls no matter the scenario. Bandwidth’s API is built on one of the only emergency call routing networks in the nation—giving developers the unique ability to add 911 call functionality from apps or platforms in remote or dynamic locations.
  • Expedited migration and programmable access to millions of phone numbers via Bandwidth’s Dashboard and professional services teams. As SaaS companies move from prototype to massive scale, Bandwidth’s teams can assist in scoping migrations from a previous provider, and scale up instantly to meet growing demand. 

Bandwidth is excited to better accommodate the SaaS marketplace with this release. While Bandwidth has long supported SaaS customers, the recent upgrades and additions expand our commitment in helping SaaS companies scale and communicate in innovative ways. 

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