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Bandwidth partners with K4Connect to provide senior living communities with critical COVID-19 communications

The senior living community has been significantly impacted by COVID-19 in recent months. To help protect our most vulnerable population, Bandwidth and K4Connect, both based in Raleigh, are responding together to provide a unique senior living technology. 

K4Community Hotline is a recorded phone message that provides callers with the latest community information such as updates to visiting hours, weather notices, and quarantine protocols. K4Connect had developed the K4Community Hotline, utilizing Bandwidth’s Voice API to enable calling from within the application, and the Phone Number API to allow fast, easy acquisition of the local numbers that K4Connect’s customers needed, all paired with Bandwidth’s owned and operated nationwide network, to keep senior living residents, families, and community staff connected. 

“After K4Connect built the prototype for the hotline, partnering with Bandwidth emerged as a natural choice.”

– Adam Covati, Vice President R&D, Bandwidth

“In early March we anticipated the Coronavirus would impact senior living like nothing we’d seen before, so we quickly pivoted to accelerate high impact solutions that provide communities immediate resources and relief. This is how K4Community Hotline was created and we’re glad to see communities valuing it,” said K4Connect CEO and Co-Founder, Scott Moody. “Leveraging Bandwidth’s enterprise communications expertise to deliver and manage this solution enables us to continue supporting the industry with an incredibly efficient and easy-to-use tool as it prepares for the anticipated second wave of COVID-19 impact in the fall.”