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The Nexmo® alternative to help you grow

See why the biggest brands choose Bandwidth's voice and messaging APIs

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Why should you choose Bandwidth over Nexmo®?

We’re the only communications API provider with their own nationwide carrier network — giving you value that other providers simply can’t match.


Better support-for free

Our team of industry professions really like helping our customers. That’s why they give you support that’s personalized, friendly, and actually helpful. No more needing to browse forums! On top of that, since we own our network, we can provide you better insights, all in a snap.


Direct to network savings

Going straight to the source has its advantages. Since we have one of the largest VoIP networks in the country we can provide you with amazing quality, flexibility, and the kind savings that you can only get from the Nexmo® alternative that owns their own network.


The features you need

Growing your business means having the right tools. Our API platform gives you everything you need to scale your business. In addition to everything you’d expect (voice, messaging, phone number, and 911 APIs), we give you extras to help you manage your back office and have an extensive database of US and Canadian phone numbers.

And did we mention major cost savings? (Typically up to 50%)

How much money can you save by switching to the best Nexmo® Alternative?

Bandwidth* Nexmo®** Savings
Phone Number (per line per month) $0.35 $0.98 64%
Inbound Calling (per minute) $0.0055 $0.0049 --
Outbound Calling (per minute) $0.01 $0.0139 28%
Inbound Messaging (per message) FREE $0.0062 100%
Outbound Messaging (per message) $0.005 $0.0068 26%

*Unless otherwise stated, taxes are included. Prices only available to contracted customers and may be dependent on monthly billing thresholds or setup fees. Terms and conditions apply. **Publicly available list pricing as of November 10, 2020. May not include applicable taxes.

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Nexmo is a registered trademark of Nexmo, Inc. now owned by Vonage Holdings Corp and is unaffiliated with Bandwidth.