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Duet for teams

The industry’s most comprehensive
Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity solution.

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2x award-winning PSTN connectivity

Bring voice, messaging, and emergency to your users with Duet® for Microsoft Teams. However you want it delivered, wherever you need it. Go pure Direct Routing, Operator Connect, or a blend of both.

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing is the original Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) model for Microsoft Teams. With it, you can use Bandwidth’s voice, emergency, and messaging for:

  • PSTN connectivity in U.S. and Canada
  • Options to keep some on-prem infrastructure
  • Microsoft-certified E911 Dynamic Location Routing
  • Award-winning SMS and MMS messaging app, Send-to
  • More control over call flows and number management
  • Number management via PowerShell

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Operator Connect

Operator Connect is a simpler BYOC model for Microsoft Teams, designed to let Microsoft customers enable PSTN connectivity with Bandwidth for:

  • PSTN connectivity to over 90% of the global economy
  • Completely hosted, pure cloud communications
  • Microsoft-certified E911 Dynamic Location Routing
  • Award-winning SMS and MMS messaging app, Send-to
  • Simpler number management tools and user interface
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The difference behind Duet for Teams

Here’s what takes our Direct Routing & Operator Connect solutions from good to great.

Send texts from Microsoft Teams

Did you know your employees can send and receive text messages with customers, all without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform? Our award-winning app, Send-to, lets you truly unify your business communications instead of splintering them more.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing & E911 FAQ
Fact sheet

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, Operator Connect, & E911 FAQ

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Microsoft-certified E911 Dynamic Location Routing

Stay ahead of shifting 911 compliance requirements like RAY BAUM’s Act and Kari’s Law. Protect employee safety, and improve emergency outcomes for nomadic or fixed users with a Microsoft-Certified E911 Dynamic Location Routing (DLR) provider.

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Need help choosing the right option?

Direct Routing and Operator Connect simplify org communications in different ways. Talk it through with our BYO-Carrier experts to see which fits your business best.

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