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With Genesys’ Cloud CX solution you’ve chosen to lift your customer connections into the cloud, but have you thought about looking under the hood to upgrade your carrier? Genesys gives customers the flexibility to Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC), which means you have options and choices for powering your contact center solution with Bandwidth as your cloud-native carrier to support your unique deployment.

Blue Clouds

Cloud CX Voice Powered by Bandwidth

If you’re using Genesys Cloud CX Voice you’re already using Bandwidth as your carrier connection to the PSTN, but what if you want greater control over your telephony? Genesys customers can decouple platform and carrier services and contract directly with Bandwidth to power Cloud CX with confidence.

The Value of BYOC with Bandwidth

BYOC Cloud, a 100% cloud based solution, and BYOC Premises, a hybrid solution, are the two BYOC deployment options for the Genesys Cloud CX solution.

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Bring Bandwidth as your cloud-native carrier, and you’ll see the benefits of:


In addition to realizing the economic benefits of converting your TDM and PRI traffic to more scalable SIP, BYOC lets you gain access to preferred pricing by coming direct to the carrier.

Increased Agility

API driven automation enables you to self-serve. Our APIs make our porting process happier, and our number management, ordering, and provisioning instantaneous.

Greater Control & Visibility

We enable you to directly control IP failover and disaster recovery in real time. That means if you need to maintain your legacy contact center for failover, you can enable your admins to make those changes in real time.

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Our nation-wide, cloud-native, all IP voice network gives you the reach, quality, and reliability you need for your contact center. Our successful interoperability testing with Genesys instills confidence, and our industry-leading support means your integration will be smooth, with someone to help you every step of the way. Have questions? Let’s chat. We’re here to help power your Genesys CCaaS solution!

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