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Duet for teams

A comprehensive solution for direct routing and e911

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Solve regulatory challenges and simplify telecom migrations with a single provider

Duet® for Microsoft Teams is the only complete solution for Direct Routing and E911 available direct from a carrier. Using software-driven SIP, Duet enables enterprises to migrate their telecom to Teams with less hassle. And, with dynamic E911 location routing, enterprises are able to comply with new and evolving regulatory requirements—all while saving money and resources by pooling usage across users.

Solve for E911

Recent federal regulations like Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act make capturing precise location information at call time critical for your organization. At the same time, increasingly remote, distributed, and mobile workforces make moving your on-prem equipment to a cloud-based platform like Teams much more complex. Duet solves these challenges by leveraging dynamic location capabilities within Microsoft Teams to identify a user’s location at the time of the call, then natively routing those 911 calls across our secure, highly-reliable, nationwide network to solve compliance concerns—and more importantly, ensure employee safety.

Get better Direct Routing

Today, Microsoft Teams customers get the power of Bandwidth’s cloud-native carrier network through Microsoft Calling Plans. But if your organization is considering Direct Routing, Bandwidth’s Duet for Microsoft Teams gives you greater control and value by helping you decouple your telephony. You get the advantages of working directly with a carrier, including fail-over control, call forwarding, and real time re-routes, all on the Teams platform.

What you can do with our solution?

Save 40% over Microsoft Calling Plans

Enterprises typically save an average of 40% when they choose the Direct Routing option. All of our Microsoft Teams solutions use Bandwidth’s Shared Calling Plan pricing model to help you save even more by pooling usage across users.

Migrate with a partner who’s just easier to work with

The Bandwidth support experience means you have a migration partner, not just a provider. From a dedicated onboarding specialist that helps execute on your project plan, to 24/7 NOC and expert support teams, we’re here to usher you through, and accelerate your migration.

Location verification testing with 933

RAY BAUM’s Act requires a dispatchable location—the street address plus additional data like floor, suite, and room. With Bandwidth’s 933 testing capabilities you can verify that your location information meets compliance standards without burdening public safety with live 911 calls.

Easily roll-back changes if migration issues occur

When you migrate with our software, you’re able to group your users into logical cohorts like location or department. This way, you can schedule and trigger ports for these individual groups, but also seamlessly rollback, if you ever need to.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing & E911 FAQ
Fact sheet

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing & E911 FAQ

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Get pro tips from our in-house Direct Routing and E911 experts

Learn how to implement Direct Routing and E911 from Product Management Director, Lauren Brockman. These pro tips shed light on how you can easily migrate and enhance current services.

Ready Set Go

The path to full PSTN connectivity

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Step 1

Map out a project plan with your Bandwidth onboarding specialist


Step 2

Set up parallel SIP trunks with your existing solution

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Step 3

Trigger your no-disruption port to stage all your numbers for migration (or rollbacks if needed)

Control sliders

Step 4

Configure 911 call routing with our easy-to-use dashboard and APIs

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Step 5

Test your voice and 911 functionality

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Step 6

Move your users to the cloud in real time with our easy-to-use software

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