Text enable your existing Bandwidth SIP Trunks.

Get more value from your existing business phone lines.
Tap into the freedom and flexibility of text messaging over Bandwidth SIP Trunking.


Consumer text messages that are read. Only 10% of emails are even opened.
Consumers who prefer to be contacted via text instead of a phone call.
Text messages are sent every day from wireless subscribers to landline numbers.


We’ve built custom software that makes it easy for businesses to communicate with consumers via text message. Within our web app, you have all you need to efficiently manage customer interactions from automated replies to custom keywords to multi-user login and support.

The power of Bandwidth's web app

Get all-access Texting as a Service over your web browser. Our easy-to-use solution allows businesses to engage new customers and build stronger relationships one text at a time.


Set automated responses to incoming texts when you aren't able to personally reply. It’s like texting’s version of voicemail.


Customers send a unique word to a landline number and receive a corresponding message that’s been composed for that specific word.


Just compose your message and set the send date. We make sure recipients see your text at the appropriate time.


Convenient Desktop App for Always-On Access

Never miss a message. The easy-to-use desktop app instantly notifies you of new text messages no matter what program you’re working in or if your browser is closed.


The easy-to-use desktop app instantly notifies you of incoming text messages no matter what program you’re currently working in or if your browser is closed.


Send and receive pictures on your landline numbers

Bandwidth Picture Messaging (MMS) allows landline numbers to send and receive images to and from wireless subscribers. As part of our business package, there are no additional charges for inbound or outbound MMS and all images are securely stored in our cloud-based web app.

Text enable your existing Bandwidth SIP Trunks.

Cloud Contact Management

Bandwidth’s web app allows businesses to import and access all their contacts and conversation histories from any Internet connected device.


Business customers can add multiple users to help manage incoming conversations on a single phone number. Every outbound message is tagged with the employee’s name to ensure accountability.

Administrative Controls

Multi-user accounts come with permission controls to designate admins from operators. Admins are empowered to manage features like keywords and auto reply, while operators are limited to message send and reply.

Separate business from personal texting

Stop texting customers from your personal mobile number. We provide apps for the times when you can’t be in the office but need to access your landline texts. Just log in and communicate with your customers whenever and wherever you go

How does landline texting work?

Sending a text to a landline number is the same as sending one to a person’s mobile phone.
The text arrives on your computer or smartphone without any new equipment installation.
When you answer, the message arrives on the customer’s phone like a normal text.

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