5 Reasons CLECs and ILECs Should Outsource 911

Managing your own 911 service is serious business. Your customers count on their 911 service to work the way it should, every time—and you deliver. But offering this service on your own is a big job that often comes with some major headaches. Here are 5 reasons CLECs and ILECs should consider outsourcing 911.

1. Your core business is the most important thing

Managing your own 911 infrastructure can take up a lot of resources. When you outsource 911, your team gets more time back to focus on the core services, solutions and innovation you’re delivering to customers each day. When all 911 activity flows through one entity, it’s easy to find efficiencies in time, money and resources — especially when multiple jurisdictions are in the mix.

2. Speed matters

Your ability to put new customers into service right away, and without costly delays, is of prime importance.  When it comes to 911, choosing a provider that can deliver the service to new customers in a matter of seconds (rather than a few days) seems like a no-brainer. Whether it’s a new customer that needs 911 or simply a change in address, Bandwidth’s dynamic database management ensures that as soon as an update is made in our dashboard, the change takes place live, eliminating costly delays for your business.

3. Address matching is a big priority

Making sure every phone number’s address is presented and displays properly at the PSAP is important to any service provider. But the process can be painful—especially if you don’t have a central database to make sure every address has a valid location and is ready for 911. Finding a partner that can streamline this process can save you a ton of time. For instance, Bandwidth’s API allows CLECs and other providers to automate the management of 911 records. What could be simpler than that?

4. You’re tired of sweating the 911 details

Ensuring your addresses are MSAG valid can take up a ton of time and resources. Is it Marshall St or Marshall Rd? Which address elements go on a separate line and which should be submitted together? It sounds like a ton of minutia because that’s what it is, and managing it for multiple jurisdictions across the country is often a full-time job. Why not outsource to a 911 expert and forget about all those details?

5. Your customers move around a lot

With VoIP technology, it’s easy for your customers to take their phone numbers with them if they move across the street or across the country, but maintaining their always-on access to 911 services requires specialized technology.  It’s important to choose a VSP partner that enables you to support your customers when they move to a new city or state. We give you the tools to quickly and easily geocode their new address and associate it with the appropriate PSAP.

Outsourcing 911 to a qualified partner offers big benefits to CLECs, ILECs, and other providers looking to streamline operations, cut costs and enhance their customers’ 911 experience. If you’re considering a change, Bandwidth can help. Learn more about our 911 solutions or Talk to one of our 911 experts today!

Outsourcing 911: 4 Things Communication Service Providers Need to Consider

Let the 9-1-1 experts handle it

Outsourcing 9-1-1 to a qualified partner offers big benefits to CLECs and other providers looking to streamline operations, cut costs and enhance your customers’ 9-1-1 experience. If you’re considering a change, Bandwidth can help.