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7 Tips for Managing E911 for Schools and Hospitals

911 is more complicated than ever. How should campuses handle the shift to remote workers and classrooms? What are the new E911 regulations that need to be addressed right now? How are the leading UC/UCaaS platforms from Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and more handling E911 today and in the future?

Join Bandwidth for a discussion of current issues and industry shifts impacting schools, universities, and hospitals, and discover the best practices, advice and solutions that can help you set the stage for better emergency outcomes.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about new regulations coming into effect between now and 2021
  • Understand legacy and modern E911 solutions for fixed and nomadic VoIP
  • Gain best practices to address the shift to work from home and virtual campuses
  • Discover additional E911 features to both simplify and improve the management of 911