Zombies, Break-ins, and Broken Legs: An Inside Look at How 9-1-1 Works

When you need help, 9-1-1 comes to the rescue. But what exactly is happening behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting emergency assistance where and when you need it? Join Bandwidth’s own 9-1-1 expert Thomas Ginter, as he walks through a few scenarios – from the ridiculous (a zombie apocalypse), to the realistic (a broken leg at the office).

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How 9-1-1 routing gets your call to the right dispatch center quickly and more efficiently
  • How to reach 9-1-1 when your office doesn’t have traditional desk phones (or cellphones)
  • How the right 9-1-1 strategy can get you through hurdles like locked doors, security gates, and confusing office layouts
  • The measures Bandwidth and others involved in emergency call routing take to make sure 9-1-1 works even in the most dire situations
Zombies, Break-ins, and Broken Legs: An Inside Look at How 9-1-1 Works

Watch the webinar

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