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Zombies, Break-ins, and Broken Legs: An Inside Look at How 911 Works

When you need help, 911 comes to the rescue. But what exactly is happening behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting emergency assistance where and when you need it? Join Bandwidth’s own 911 expert Thomas Ginter, as he walks through a few scenarios – from the ridiculous (a zombie apocalypse), to the realistic (a broken leg at the office).

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • How 911 routing gets your call to the right dispatch center quickly and more efficiently
  • How to reach 911 when your office doesn’t have traditional desk phones (or cellphones)
  • How the right 911 strategy can get you through hurdles like locked doors, security gates, and confusing office layouts
  • The measures Bandwidth and others involved in emergency call routing take to make sure 911 works even in the most dire situations