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Bandwidth SIP Voice Services are the Solution for Next Generation PSTN Connectivity

BroadCloud brings you a new way to deliver advanced communications services on any device, anywhere. Bandwidth is the Certified North American BroadCloud SIP Provider that gives you the network and relationships you need to run your BroadCloud services, and we give them to you fast.

Speedy, easy, and customer-focused—that’s the Bandwidth way.

Got a second? Get a number

Choose your BroadCloud services and provision the associated SIP Voice Services in seconds through the Bandwidth Dashboard. The Bandwidth Dashboard is a self-service provisioning portal that lets you order, automate, and bill for services so you can launch quickly. No wait. No big investment. Fast provisioning means you can recognize revenue fast. How fast? You can search and activate numbers in seconds instead of days or weeks.

What is SIP?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It’s used to control communication sessions, such as voice and video calls over the internet.

To a caller, a SIP trunk is the same as a traditional line. But the SIP trunk doesn’t use a physical line; it’s a virtual phone line that uses the Internet to transmit calls.

Give us your IP address. That’s it, let’s go.

The power of a nationwide network

Bandwidth owns our own nationwide, all-IP network. We are a facilities-based CLEC covering 10,000+ rate centers. That’s a lot of infrastructure you don’t have to worry about. When you call Bandwidth for support, you’re talking to the people who have the authority and knowledge to handle your ticket right away—and the right way.

Success, simplified

Sure, Bandwidth gives you one of the best networks in the world. And of course, we treat you like you want to be treated. But we do even more. We make you successful by giving you the sales tools and relationships you need to share the benefits of SIP with your clients.

  • Real-time activations through the Partner Portal
  • Rebrandable marketing campaign assets
  • Quote calculators
  • Tax regulation and billing compliance partners

The best part? You take all the credit…and all the revenue.

You’re Ready for BroadCloud and Bandwidth

The old way

  • Learn a lot
  • Hire some help
  • Buy the basics
  • Build a bunch
  • See revenue next year, maybe

The right way

  • Start selling BroadCloud services tomorrow
  • See revenue tomorrow, certainly
Bandwidth SIP Voice Services

Ready to chat?

Want to learn more about SIP with Bandwidth and BroadCloud? Talk to an expert at Bandwidth today, and find out how we’re making BroadCloud services simple.