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Bandwidth’s New Phone Number Ordering Experience

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out our new ordering experience that streamlines the way you use the Bandwidth Dashboard to order new phone numbers. With type-ahead searching, a new ordering cart, and better search filters for finding numbers, we think you’ll be faster than ever at ordering numbers.

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  • Better Phone Number Searching- You don’t have to decide if you’re searching by area code, LATA, or rate center. Just start typing and we’ll figure it out for you.
  • Faster Search Filtering- Filter search results based on area code, rate center, and rate tiers, allowing you to find the numbers you want faster.
  • Order Cart- Search for numbers, select the ones you want, and then search again without having to start a new order. It works just like an online shopping cart. And you can export your cart to save it and come back later.

There’s a lot more we’ve done, but you’ll have to watch the webinar to see it all.