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Bandwidth’s Programmable Video via WebRTC

It’s never been easier to add integrated video calling to your client or application allowing the extension of the experience beyond voice to video Bandwidth’s WebRTC SDKs allow the combination of video with voice backed by our Voice API and carrier-grade network, giving your business the flexibility, reliability, and control you need to create a customized hybrid voice and video experience that brings the full value of your application and business to your user community.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver a video communications experience to anybody with a browser or a smartphone
  • How Bandwidth’s combination of WebRTC and an owned-and-operated nationwide network give you reliable integration with the entire voice network
  • What you can build with Bandwidth’s WebRTC solution to create a better user experience
  • How different industries can benefit from integrating WebRTC video into their existing solutions
  • Interesting ways that businesses are using Bandwidth’s API to power their hybrid communications solutions

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Pindrop Integration