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Driving CX Excellence: How to compose your contact center

Composing your perfect contact center communications is complex.

If you’re responsible for your tech stack, you’re probably staring at a pile of challenges—like connecting conversational AI to SIP and voice bioauthentication to CCaaS—all in the cloud, and often globally. But you can’t get there without a strong foundation.

In this session, find out how the Global 2000 are achieving composability, resilience, and simplicity with a plug-and-play approach made possible for the cloud, on-prem, and everywhere in between. Plus, we’ll look at companies like Uber and Aircall, to see how they’ve scaled their contact centers globally to achieve superior CX.


Travis Hinton: Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing, Bandwidth 

Travis lives and breathes our market-facing strategy by leading a team of product marketing experts whose mission is to help Enterprises overcome telecomplexity — a phrase that we’ve coined to describe the unique challenges that face enterprises who are using communications technology to deliver the best Customer Experience & Employee Experience possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped numerous businesses of all shapes and sizes to envision how Bandwidth’s Universal platform can help them future-proof, scale, and modernize their comms stack.

Mehmet Hussein: Director, Solutions Engineering, Bandwidth 

After doing the rounds in the UK telecoms circuit, Mehmet joined Bandwidth in 2019 as a Senior Solutions Architect. Since then he now runs the international Solutions Engineering team, responsible for all pre-sales technical support while providing strategic guidance for Bandwidth’s top tier clients.