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Conference calls: Taking worker collaboration to the next level

By 2020, nearly 75% of employees will be mobile. Workers today connect to their offices from all over the world and location is no longer a deterrent to most employers. While many companies began connecting with outsourced workers as a way to save money, they have since learned that this opens them up to a much larger, more diverse talent pool – and improved workforce productivity, collaboration, and culture as a result. With such a big upheaval in the way people are doing their 9-5 (or not as the case may be), what can we expect will change in the way people use conferencing solutions to communicate with their employer, employees or co-workers?

What’s inside?

In this eBook, we go over three of the core trends that are reshaping the conferencing system and how they will have an impact on the modern worker and workplace including:

  • The rising number of “anywhere, anytime workers”
  • Voice’s place in conferencing
  • The changing corporate culture of collaboration