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Developing with Bandwidth: PHP 101

Come hangout with the Bandwidth Developer Experience team as we dive into PHP and demo what’s new with our Voice & Messaging SDKs and APIs. We’ll also share what’s new with our Developer Experience, plus give you a sneak peek at our roadmap for future PHP SDK support.

What you’ll learn

  • Install and configure your development environment in PHP
  • Setup your Bandwidth Account to start using the new APIs
  • Send and receive group MMS
  • Manage inbound and outbound phone calls

Who you’ll learn it from

Dan Tolbert headshot

Dan Tolbert

Technical Product Owner at Bandwidth

Dan does API things at Bandwidth and has for quite some time. He has worked closely with customers of all sizes during their integrations to Bandwidth, and currently sits on the technology team helping drive Bandwidth’s Developer Experience team forward.

Develop with Bandwidth: PHP 101 webinar

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