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Enterprise Messaging Services from Bandwidth

Messaging is the fastest growing form of communication in the US, with people sending and receiving more than just texts. Images, video, and audio are flying from phone to phone at an ever-increasing rate.

Voice calls can go to voicemail where they’re often forgotten, but messages always get a glance and often aren’t as time-sensitive as voice. Those glances are good for business, and Bandwidth makes it easy for businesses to capture that value and text-enable phone numbers, or add SMS and MMS to software apps in no time.

How are businesses using Bandwidth Messaging?


Bandwidth SMS-enabled numbers give software applications the ability to send and receive text messages, supporting the next generation of customer engagement and allowing users to communicate how they prefer. Learn more about our SMS offerings on our SMS API page.


Bandwidth’s MMS API provides full support for sending and receiving photos, videos, and other multi-media formatted files, allowing businesses and end-users to seamlessly blend text with other file formats.

High Volume Toll-Free Texting

Bandwidth’s messaging gives businesses the power to add enterprise-level messaging with reliable, transparent deliverability at massive scale. Text-enable your business toll-free number and start messaging in minutes.

Why Bandwidth for Messaging?

Get started in moments

Your business doesn’t have time to wait for messaging. Instantly enable it for software applications, call center solutions, or subscriber devices from any telephone number that’s in the Bandwidth network. Need more numbers? Easily add them yourself with just a couple of clicks; no hassle, no waiting – you scale when you want.

Connect your way

Whether you’re looking to build with our REST API or via your own SMPP gateway, you can quickly and easily connect to our leading platform. If you need help we’ve made guides, sample code, reference apps, and our enthusiastic customer support team available to you.

Transparent, reliable deliverability

When you’re launching a new SMS service, it’s all about deliverability. What’s the point if your message never gets delivered? At Bandwidth, we’re serious (and open!) about reliable delivery, giving you the insight you need to ensure you’re getting what you pay for, and help you course correct if you run into delivery issues with other providers.

Scale your business simply

When it comes to scaling your business, it’s important to partner with a company that has the experience, infrastructure, and expertise to help you as you grow. At Bandwidth we power billions of messages per year, run geo-redundant network centers with 24/7 dedicated network operations centers, and we write innovative software on a daily basis that gives our customers access to our nationwide, all-IP network.

If that doesn’t qualify as experience, infrastructure, and expertise then nothing does, and it’s a powerful combination that allows your business to scale as much as needed while maintaining high-quality and robust availability.

Bandwidth's Business-Grade Messaging

The rules of communication have been rewritten–is your strategy ready?

The rules of communication have been rewritten, and your strategy needs to be one step ahead to stay competitive. In the Enterprise Communications Landscape, you’ll learn all about that–and more.