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Dynamic E911 for Microsoft Teams

Getting Started with Dynamic E911 for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Your enterprise has decided to go all-in on Microsoft Teams. You’ve chosen Direct Routing for your telephony. Now, how can you make sure your users can connect to 911? And how exactly do you set up dynamic E911 within Teams?

Join Bandwidth’s experts for the latest advice and best practices for getting started with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. Drawing upon our experiences overseeing complex, real-world migrations, we’ll map out the critical steps while helping you avoid a few pitfalls along the way.

What you’ll learn:

  • How Dynamic E911 for Microsoft Teams works
  • How to prepare for your implementation
  • The location provisioning process within Microsoft Teams
  • Lab lessons from Microsoft Teams voice and E911 implementations

Tricia McConnell

Product Marketing Manager, 911

Tricia joined Bandwidth in February, 2019 as the 911 Product Marketing Manager. She has more than twenty years of experience marketing technical solutions to a variety of audiences, but the last four years working in 911 and public safety have been the most interesting and gratifying.

Lauren Brockman

Product Manager, Voice

Lauren leads New Product Development for Voice Services at Bandwidth. She focuses on bringing new, software driven IP communications solutions that transform the customer experience and challenge the way we think about communications today. Lauren is a 25 year veteran of the telecom industry and has worked in new product development, product management, finance, corporate restructuring and M&A for a variety of communications companies before joining Bandwidth in 2017.