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Issues and challenges reestablishing trust in voice communications

In this Bandwidth-led panel session, we examine the complicated interplay of the latest industry, technology, and regulatory activities related to STIR/SHAKEN that will dramatically impact the full range of voice services in 2021 and beyond. Among the key topics for consideration are current developments and issues surrounding IP-interconnection, inter-carrier compensation and number administration reforms. We also explore perspectives on the impact of COVID-19, and share important insights into our latest approaches for preventing robocalling fraud and abuse. 

What our experts discuss

  • Analysis of fraud and abusive prevention during COVID-19 
  • Reputation monitoring, know-your-customer, risk assessment and other strategies to thwart bad actors
  • IP-interconnection and intercarrier compensation challenges relevant to the industry objectives to stem robocalling 
  • Solutions to rebuild trust between enterprises and their customers 
  • Scott Mullen, Chief Technology Officer
  • Nick Sgroi, Sr. Vice President, Product & Network Strategy
  • Greg Rogers, Head of Global Policy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Tom Soroka, Director, Fraud Mitigation