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Moving to VoIP? Don’t let 911 hold you back!

If you’re unfamiliar (like most of us!) with how 911 technology works behind the scenes, it’s not as simple as one might think to turn a simple three digit call into a life-saving experience. Moving your voice services to the cloud introduces challenges to dialing 911 — multiple locations, building, suite or office locations on a campus, and the increased mobility that comes with having a phone that’s not tied to traditional wiring are just a few things that complicate 911 when moving to VoIP. Cloud-based VoIP requires 911 planning–identifying your challenges and how to address them, is the first step to ensuring that emergency services arrive when, and where, they’re needed.

What We Cover

  • Implications you may experience when moving to the cloud
  • Where to begin and what to do when moving to VoIP–How to seamlessly integrate E911 with your voice platform
  • The differences between dialing from VoIP and Unified Communications systems
  • Dynamic Location Routing and managing multiple locations
  • 911 Considerations for nomadic VoIP applications
  • Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS) Compliance

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