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Overcome the Undeliverables

Why Deliverability Matters & How to Take Action When Your Messages Fail to Deliver

With national quarantines in place, business messaging is being utilized more and more every day. And for more than just marketing—there are plenty of truly imperative messaging campaigns out there where deliverability really matters. Disaster relief, communications from elected officials, election alerts, fraud alerts, and critical care reminders are just a few examples. Like Harry Potter, who was wrongly accused of being Undesirable No. 1, these are good, wanted messages that deserve to be delivered, so what causes even these messages to sometimes become “the undeliverables”? 

Join Bandwidth’s deliverability expert, Emma Bradley, and our guest speakers from RumbleUp as we dive into why message deliverability matters now more than ever, and how to take action to keep your messages from becoming “the undeliverables.”

What you’ll learn

  • The definition of deliverable vs undeliverable in today’s industry landscape
  • Why deliverability really matters now more than ever
  • Best practices for better message deliverability
  • How do you assess deliverability health and take action

RumbleUp is a turnkey, peer-to-peer (P2P) texting platform that enables clients to have live text conversations at scale.

Thomas Peters

Founder & CEO, RumbleUp

Thomas founded RumbleUp in 2018 and as CEO has led its expansion into multiple markets, including political, advocacy, non-profit, corporate and public safety. Prior to this he founded uCampaign which built over 50 custom apps for organizations around the world. He and his wife live in Washington, DC. He is an avid chess and mobile game player.

Dana Cichon

Director of Marketing, RumbleUp

Originally from Chicago, Dana joined the RumbleUp team in 2018 where she worked on the initial launch of the platform, helping early adopters make the most of what has now become one of the fastest-growing engagement tools used today.

Emma Bradley

Director, Product Management

Since joining Bandwidth in 2011, Emma has spent time learning about customer’s problems and common needs from her roles in Operations and Product Management. She brought her familiarity with the customer journey to the messaging team to improve how Bandwidth builds products that help solve customer problems. This year her focus is to share her messaging delivery expertise, build tools and improve access to messaging data to empower customers to proactively improve their delivery.

Nicole Culver

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Messaging

Nicole is the Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on the SaaS segment at Bandwidth. With almost a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from publishing to cybersecurity, Nicole has found her true passion in product marketing for advanced technology solutions. Having been part of SaaS companies at all stages, from pre-funding through raising VC capital and a successful major acquisition, Nicole is extremely familiar with the unique challenges faced by high-growth organizations. At Bandwidth, Nicole champions our SaaS APIs and is always looking for new ways to improve communications.