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The Power of Options: Patient Communication in 2023

Making smart purchasing decisions in a world full of emerging communication technology requires healthcare professionals to stay up to date on rising patient expectations. Communication technologies such as text messaging, email, and EHR applications have grown in significance since the pandemic, and this shift leaves some healthcare providers without the time, opportunity, or resources to explore their patients’ preferences quickly, creating an environment that may invite sub-optimal patient experiences.  The finding that 55% of patients are willing to find a new provider entirely if their communications are not met signifies just how critical this trend has become. 

Join Bandwidth experts and Sanjeev Sawai, Chief Product and Technology Officer at mPulse Mobile, as we deep dive into new research on patient communications preferences, highlighting how preferred channels vary by communication type, and how the trend of rising consumer expectations is transforming the healthcare industry.

Attend to learn:

  • Trends around how patient preferences are changing, considering correlations by income, gender, age, and ethnicity
  • What these trends mean for patient engagement technologies, providers, and payers
  • How mPulse Mobile is addressing these changes in patient preferences


Zach Kunkel: Director, Product Marketing, Bandwidth 

Zach lives and breathes Bandwidth’s go-to-market strategy by leading a team of product marketing experts whose mission is to help Enterprise leaders build exceptional communications to deliver the best customer & employee experiences possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped launch numerous products to help businesses of all shapes and sizes future proof, scale, and modernize their comms stack.

Sanjeev Sawai: Chief Product and Technology Officer, mPulse Mobile 

Sanjeev Sawai is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at mPulse Mobile, a leader in consumer health engagement and conversational AI for healthcare. He has a passion for building innovative software products that delight users. For the last decade-plus, he has led product and technology teams to deliver market-leading products. Prior to mPulse, Sanjeev led the product and technology teams at HealthEdge, responsible for products in claims processing and care management. mPulse is a confluence of Sanjeev’s experience in healthcare and past work in conversational AI and speech applications.