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Back to Basics: Phone Numbers 101

We know what phone numbers are, but not all of us understand the purpose of a phone number’s structure, how they’re acquired, or the way numbers move around between carriers. The logistics and best practices behind number management are easy to overlook but important to understand, especially when they play a major role in keeping you and your customers connected to your end users. With this webinar, we’re taking it back to basics to help you discover what you can build with Bandwidth phone numbers.

  • The anatomy of a phone number and what it means for businesses
  • Where phone numbers come from
  • Why porting can be such a pain
  • A happier way to port, provision, and manage your numbers with Bandwidth
  • New and exciting way to use Bandwidth Phone numbers, as told through customer stories

There’s a lot more we’ve done, but you’ll have to watch the webinar to see it all.