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Porting Matters

It’s true that a lot has changed since we had to memorize (or, heaven forbid, write down!) the numbers to our favorite businesses. That being said, a business’ phone number is still very much tied to their identity. Whether it’s programmed into a phone or found from a Google search, seeing the same number for your favorite businesses reinforces that identity.

Having to change that number can not only impact a business’ operations, it can also impact their revenue. That’s why when a business has to change carriers, the ability to port a phone number is critical, and your ability to do that seamlessly is key to providing a superior customer experience.

Spoiler alert: porting numbers is complicated

We’ve already established that a business’ phone number is tied to their identity, so when they need to move carriers, they want to know that they can take that number with them without any interruptions to service.

If your communications provider scratches their head when you start talking details about porting numbers (the when, how, what of porting), it’s a red flag that you may encounter some issues when it’s porting time.

So, what should you be looking for in a provider to ensure a happier porting experience?

Secret 1:  Real-time feedback

You want to know that none of your customers’ phone numbers will be lost when you hand them over to a provider. Automated number portability checks give you immediate intel on whether or not your number can be ported easily — better to know about a problem now, vs. three weeks later.

Secret 2: In-house expertise

So about those questions you need to ask your provider — the whens, hows, and whats; what if you could find a provider that could answer all these questions for you lickety-split.

Bandwidth’s team of porting experts know the ins and outs of telecom, so you don’t have to, and can help identify where you’re most likely to get stuck ahead of time. When you need help (because let’s face it: porting is complicated!) they’re here to jump in, call our carrier partners, and help get things through as quickly as possible.

Phone Number Mean Business: Why Number Porting Matters

See how porting should be

Ready to have a happy porting experience that you, and your customers, will enjoy? Talk to a Bandwidth expert to learn why porting matters and how we can help.