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Pro Tips for Direct Routing and E911 for Teams: Accelerate your Migration

Direct Routing is the main architecture for large enterprises migrating their telecom to Microsoft Teams, but the process can get painful when dealing with the complexities of a large scale Direct Routing + Dynamic E911 migration. It doesn’t have to be that way! Having worked through good, bad, and ugly migrations with our customers, we’ve packaged up our recommendations and have technical best practices to share for a smoother, simpler, and saner implementation. This session will help you press fast forward on the learning curve, so you can get your weekends back! Walk away with best practices for:

  • Completing an infrastructure audit and making a plan for migration
  • Configuring essential components like your SBC for Direct Routing & E911
  • Testing your SIP & E911 connectivity
  • Creating effective cohorts for migration and building in rollback plans