Customer Story

PunchAlert Leverages Dynamic Location for Enterprise 911

An Exclusive Industry Insights Report from 451 Research

In a world with ever-changing devices, work environments, and nomadic employees, enterprises are challenged more than ever with locating 911 callers. With expertise in two-way and mass notifications services, Punch Technologies needed to solve for reliable connectivity to 911 from schools and other enterprises.

Find out why Punch Technologies chose to embed Bandwidth’s 911 solution into their PunchAlert platform, allowing mobile users dependable access to public safety with reliable call routing.

You’ll Learn How:

  • PunchAlert’s cloud-based platform allows one touch communication for mobile devices in emergency situations
  • Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act have increased regulatory standards for the enterprise
  • PunchAlert’s in-app enhancements permits communication with on-site contacts, allowing photos, videos, and other crucial information to be transmitted
  • Bandwidth’s innovate technology helps solve the 911 concern for complex work environments

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