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State of Messaging 2021

Business messaging is evolving to deliver a better customer experience and drive new revenue growth, but the carrier landscape surrounding messaging is changing just as quickly. As businesses grow and transform their strategies, it’s important to understand the options for SMS for business, as well as the regulations and guidelines that shape the industry.

Join us as we walk through a real customer’s SMS journey from basic implementation to supporting the unexpected scale that happened with COVID-19. This panel-style experience will help you understand the messaging ecosystem for 2021 and identify important considerations you may have overlooked, like new carrier fees and more stringent filtering.

What You’ll Learn

  • How messaging industry changes are affecting you, including updated guidelines, fees, and critical opt-in requirements
  • How demand for contactless experiences via SMS has grown (and how to keep up!)
  • What to consider when scaling your SMS program
  • Proactive measures you can take to succeed in 2021 and beyond

Who You’ll Learn From

Mary Jane Isaacs: Senior Director of Engineering, Solutionreach

As a Senior Director of Engineering at Solutionreach, Mary Jane drives product and development teams to consistently deliver positive outcomes. Her work at Solutionreach has resulted in new products and services that are bridging the communication gap between patients and providers. Her 20+ years in healthcare services has given her unwavering optimism that even the biggest issues facing healthcare today can be solved one improvement after another.

headshot image of Nicole Culver

Nicole Culver: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Messaging

Nicole is the Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on the SaaS segment at Bandwidth. With almost a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from publishing to cybersecurity, Nicole has found her true passion in product marketing for advanced technology solutions. Having been part of SaaS companies at all stages, from pre-funding through raising VC capital and a successful major acquisition, Nicole is extremely familiar with the unique challenges faced by high-growth organizations. At Bandwidth, Nicole champions our SaaS APIs and is always looking for new ways to improve communications.

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