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2023 State of Business Messaging

There’s no doubt that businesses need messaging to improve customer engagement and increase revenue. But as the business messaging landscape evolves, from 10DLC campaign registration and vetting to toll-free verification, it’s hard to keep up. 

Join Bandwidth’s own Caitlin Long and Zach Kunkel, along with Gabe Macaluso from Omnisend, to learn about recent changes, identify important considerations, and learn how global messaging leaders are optimizing campaigns to realize revenue faster. 

Attend to learn:

  • What 2023 industry changes, such as updated guidelines, fees, and opt-in requirements, might impact you
  • What’s happening with 10DLC registration and vetting
  • The latest around toll-free verification 
  • Omnisend’s approach to navigating messaging and registration


Caitlin Long: Director, Product Management, Bandwidth 

As an experienced product leader, Caitlin Long leads initiatives designed to meet the needs of software-oriented, digital engagement platforms seeking to embed communications within innovative applications. Caitlin utilizes feedback from leading companies in Healthcare, to help them enable high patient engagement rates through SMS, voice, and WebRTC solutions. In her five years at Bandwidth, Caitlin’s responsibilities have included leading go-to-market strategy, driving product strategy, and managing the commercial success of the business. A storyteller by trade, she specializes in translating technical product information so audiences quickly understand the value to them.

Zach Kunkel: Director, Product Marketing, Bandwidth

Zach lives and breathes Bandwidth’s go-to-market strategy by leading a team of product marketing experts whose mission is to help Enterprise leaders build exceptional communications to deliver the best customer & employee experiences possible. As someone who is embedded within Bandwidth’s global product & revenue teams, he has helped launch numerous products to help businesses of all shapes and sizes future proof, scale, and modernize their comms stack.

Gabe Macaluso: Director of Customer Success, Omnisend

Gabe Macaluso is the director of customer success at Omnisend. He has over a decade of email, SMS and ecommerce experience helping thousands of online retailers achieve omnichannel marketing excellence. He lives in Charleston SC with his wife, two kids and an assortment of animals.