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State of the Messaging Market 2020

Everything you knew about business messaging is changing. Is your business ready?

The state of business messaging changed dramatically in 2019. For the first time ever, standards and guidelines about texting started to catch up with the way people actually communicate, and businesses have had to adapt.

What’s more, the data (and our own habits) tells us that the business texting industry is going to keep scaling. Text messaging is in its renaissance—a revival and renewed interest in a decades old technology. A slew of new messaging technologies are emerging and coming of age in 2020. How informed is your consumer engagement strategy? 

In this eBook, we’ll walk you through:

  • The state of the messaging market according to the data
  • An insider look at the messaging technologies and updates coming in 2020 
  • The problems facing the messaging industry and how the CTIA is working to fix them
  • Best practices to help you avoid getting blocked as a sender
State of the messaging market 2020

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