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SMS: The “non-app” application behind the best omni-channel customer experiences

The average consumer only opens 5 apps on their phones in a typical day… so why force them into downloading an app that likely won’t be used? SMS gets business messages in front of customers fast, and in a channel that they’re more likely to read, respond to, and remember. Join Forrester analyst Art Schoeller and Bandwidth’s Brad Roldan as we talk about why it’s more important than ever to ensure your business messaging strategy is optimized for omni-channel.

In this webinar you’ll learn

  • What consumers expect today from a business’ omni-channel experience – trends, expectations, and more
  • The importance of incorporating SMS as a channel
  • Tactics to increase response rate and message deliverability
  • The different options you have for implementing SMS over toll-free, short codes, and local numbers