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Bandwidth webinar

The State of Business Messaging in 2020


The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) changed industry messaging guidelines just a few months ago, enabling cell phone carriers the ability to roll out new messaging offerings, while also reclassifying how business messaging is handled. 

What you’ll learn

  • The latest messaging benchmarks and statistics you can use to determine your business’ success
  • How to implement messaging successfully in 2020–what’s changed since 2019? 
  • The impacts to date of July’s CTIA A2P Messaging Guidelines release 
  • An in-depth look at the major changes coming that will revolutionize how we think about messaging for business, including:
    • Reducing unwanted messages using new technology
    • Continued increases in adoption of RCS and what you can do to bridge the technology gap
    • Understanding the OTT landscape including Apple Business Messaging, Facebook Messaging, and WhatsApp

Brad Blanken

Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Throughout Brad’s career, he has been a driving force behind industry-shaping initiatives and business development efforts. He has led wireless industry inter-carrier efforts including creation of the US Common Short Code program, wireless AMBER alerts, and a partnership with the American Red Cross which changed the face of nonprofit fundraising strategy forever. He is a recognized thought leader in the digital and mobile marketing space, leveraging exceptional strengths in defining business development, product development, and partnership alliance strategies that strengthen revenue, profit and market presence in a fast-evolving, highly competitive industry.

Brad Roldan

Vice President Product, A2P Messaging

Since joining Bandwidth in 2011, areas of focus for Brad have included initiatives designed to meet the needs of developers seeking to transform communications through innovative applications. Brad has led teams in Bandwidth’s R&D, Product, and is now leading Product Strategy for Messaging and APIs. Brad currently spends his time collaborating with customers on launching new messaging and voice solutions using Bandwidth’s CPaaS offering.

Nicole Culver

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Messaging

Nicole is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Messaging product at Bandwidth. With almost a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from book publishing to cybersecurity, Nicole has found her true passion in marketing technology solutions. At Bandwidth, Nicole champions our Messaging APIs and is always looking for new ways to improve communications.