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The ultimate guide to measuring and improving call quality

Since the first telephone call was placed by Alexander Graham Bell, in 1876, it’s been a fundamental challenge of scientists and engineers to ensure that the sound coming out of the receiver is as close as possible, in terms of quality and timing, to the sound going in at the other end. In our latest whitepaper, we go through the essential metrics, troubleshooting, and solutions to help solve the plight that is low-quality calls. That way you can ensure that your network and that of your provider are working in harmony to provide the best possible environment for your marketing, sales, and support.

This whitepaper details

  • Why businesses should be looking to measure call quality
  • How to measure call quality and what you should be aiming for
  • Some of the reasons behind what might be causing low-quality calls
  • How you can prevent low-quality calls in the long-run