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Top 3 Toll-Free Myths Busted (& Why it Matters to Your Bottom Line!)

Managing your toll-free voice solution can be challenging, especially if your routing & redundancy strategy is being informed or influenced by some common industry assumptions and legacy market information.

If you’re in a position of evaluating the pros and cons of becoming or maintaining your own Responsible Organization (RespOrg), this webinar will shed some light on three common management myths, and what you can do to overcome them. You’ll have a unique opportunity to hear from Bandwidth’s toll-free experts as they bust these common toll-free myths:

  1. Consolidating your toll-free service with one vendor means you’re single-threaded through a single point of failover.
  2. The only way to save on costs is to maintain your own RespOrg.
  3. Giving up RespOrg status means you lose control over your toll-free service.

Interested in finding out how/why these myths are busted? Join us live on August 19th for the answers you’re looking for! Plus our team will reserve time at the end of the webinar for open Q&A.