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Avoid migration migraines with a future-ready carrier

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) to deliver unmatched control, flexibility and reliability to your UCaaS, CCaaS and conferencing solutions. When you unbundle SIP, emergency and SMS, you can connect today and expand tomorrow with solutions like Microsoft Teams, Genesys, Zoom, and beyond.

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Why do IT leaders choose to BYOC?

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Unmatched migration control

Which is better: a nonstop flight or one with multiple layovers? Trick question; try private jet. When you bring your own carrier, you get private jet treatment. You’re in control, but the pilot (cough, your carrier) does all of the work — plus, there’s way more legroom. Come direct-to-carrier for total control over your telephony, easy rollbacks, and porting on your own time.

The easiest path to the cloud

While we don’t have a crystal ball (we’re Magic 8 ball fans here at Bandwidth), we can tell you your future is in the cloud. You might not know what that looks like for your enterprise, but that’s ok — by integrating with the leading UCaaS, CCaaS, and conferencing platforms, we make it easy to move between on-prem and cloud platforms now or years into the future. Outlook good.

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Direct access to your carrier

Ever tried to resolve a technology issue and end up in a never-ending cycle of finger-pointing? Or worse, being handed off to one person after another like a hot potato? If an issue arises, BYOC means troubleshooting is as simple as sending an email and receiving an answer. You’re zero hops away from your communications provider, so you can resolve issues quickly and address issues before they become problems.

Scale & save

Pool your voice, messaging, and emergency service usage across your comms tech stack and only pay for what you use (not max capacity) when you BYOC for SIP, emergency, and messaging. You’ll also get access to preferred pricing and volume discounts, so both your fancy software platforms AND the power behind it become even more cost-effective. 

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

Bandwidth enables enterprises around the world to send reliable, enterprise-grade voice and messaging in the countries they need. Analysts and industry leaders agree—Bandwidth’s global network is a game changer.

Cloud-ready BYOC solutions for your enterprise

Check out our BYOC solutions below to see how you can bring cloud-ready voice, emergency and messaging to your cloud communications platforms.

Zoom Phone BYOC

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

Finance and banking

Finance, Insurance & Banking

Unmatched reliability and disruption-free operations for cloud migrations, mergers and acquisitions, and beyond.

Retail & Manufacturing

Simplify telephony across your warehouse and store locations with SIP + 911, and save money by coming direct-to-carrier.



All the building blocks you need for holistic, system-wide communication: voice, phone numbers, text messaging, and 911.

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Why Bandwidth: A universal platform that integrates with anything + global reach

Because our platform helps you solve unique communications challenges at global scale. Whether you’re looking to merge five offices around the world, leverage call data to fight call fraud, or truly differentiate your CX, our unique position as a cloud carrier and an API platform provider means we provide a level of efficiency and service that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, our dedicated support staff is here to ensure you’re taken care of and that BYOC is the right option for your enterprise.

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