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Accurately attribute calls using either Bandwidth’s Voice API to build an enterprise-grade call tracking & analytics platform, or by easily obtaining dedicated numbers and service for campaigns using our industry-leading number management tools and Tier-1 carrier network.

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Develop powerful call tracking solutions with APIs, no telecom background needed

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Automate with carrier-grade call tracking data

Our Voice & Number Management APIs automate your ability to track and deliver critical insights from phone calls right inside your own interface, all handled in real-time. Embed click-to-call functionality as well as retrieve details of every phone call such as time of the call, duration, who called, and an audio recording of the call. Automatically order sets of numbers to support your platform’s Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) functionality, scaling your interface’s offering quickly and efficiently.

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Real-time ordering & provisioning of millions of local & toll-free numbers

Search and order phone numbers in real-time from our large nationwide inventory of phone numbers. Offer up the ability for your users to obtain dedicated numbers for specific campaigns, initiatives, or placement locations so they can track attribution. Whether tracking them via software or just assigning numbers to specific campaigns and initiatives, Bandwidth’s industry-leading dashboard makes it easy to order, port, and provision the local and toll-free numbers you need.

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Why Bandwidth

As one of the only API platforms with their own nationwide all-IP voice network, Bandwidth provides direct-to-carrier access and pricing. Our network gives you reliable, crystal-clear voice calling and ensures that your customers have full access to carrier-grade service. We constantly monitor and optimize our network to reduce jitter and latency—two of the most common issues affecting call quality with IP-based calls today.

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Create a painless solution for your customers to gain measurable call tracking insights into the marketing channels that are driving the most customer interactions and ROI. Leverage our extensive developer docs and expert technical support to get started faster and easier. We’ve got the building blocks you need!

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How can Bandwidth help you transform your industry?



Gain valuable insight into the guest experience. Track and route calls to ensure your guests get the service they deserve.



Intelligently route calls with insights into your customers’ needs based on the number being called, giving your customers a better user experience.



Gain insight into the ROI of your marketing efforts, with trackable numbers that let you know which channels are working (and which aren’t).

Software and products

Software & Products

Give your customers the insights they want, with in-depth call tracking that enables them to track ROI and cut overhead. Learn more

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