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Remove barriers to communication with a click-to-call button. Make it easy for your customers to connect with your business from within your application or software, calling you with the click of a button.

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Connecting to customers has never been easier

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Eliminate barriers to communication

Make it easier for customers to connect with your business. By embedding click-to-call functionality within your applications, customers can quickly and easily call your business. Whether connecting with your call center or calling a specific location, click-to-call makes it easier for you and your customers to communicate in real time from an application they’re using already.

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Turn web traffic into a human connection

You do a web search, find a business, and now you want to call them. You could copy and paste the phone number, or you could write it down with a pen and paper you probably don’t have, but somewhere along the way you get distracted and forget to actually call the business. With click-to-call, a simple button click makes it easy for users to call, reducing the chance for users to not call you and giving them an easy path to connect that’s trackable, linking those numbers to your marketing automation software.


Track calls like you can track clicks

By integrating calling functionality within your platform, you’re also giving yourself the benefit of trackability. Associate certain content, leads, departments, or anything else with a particular phone number, allowing you to calculate ROI so you know what’s performing or why they’re calling right off the bat.

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Why Bandwidth

As the only API platform with our own nationwide all-IP voice network, Bandwidth provides direct-to-carrier access and pricing. Our network gives you reliable, crystal-clear voice calling and ensures that your customers are never more than a button push away.

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Ready to add click-to-call functionality to your systems? We’ve got the building blocks you need!

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voice_client = bandwidth_client.voice_client.client

account_id = '1'
body =
body.from = '+18445675048' = '+18008085150'
body.answer_url = ''
body.application_id = '3-d-4-b-5'

response = voice_client.create_call(account_id,:body => body)

Example showing how to create an outbound call. Read more about it

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

UC Service Providers

UC Service Providers

Develop click-to-call functionality within your UC/UCaaS mobile app, enabling your users to call from within the app, creating a better, smoother user experience for your customers. Learn more

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Software & Products

Enable easy in-app or in-software calling, allowing users to call their dog walker, find out when their food is going to be delivered, or give directions to their driver. Learn more



Get patients connected to the right person with click-to-call. Route calls directly to their doctor, with in-app calling that helps them get the answers to their health questions answered faster.



Make it easier for alum to reach out, students to get important financial questions answered quickly, connect to the library, or call admissions to make sure they’re enrolled for the next semester.

Ready to learn more?

Want to learn more about click-to-call and Bandwidth’s voice offerings? Talk to one of our experts today, or check out our complete programmable voice offering.

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