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Voice alerts & notifications

Customize your calls with our Voice API to create flexible and interactive notifications. Use outbound voice alerts as part of your multi-channel communications for better customer experiences.

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Notify your customers how you want, right when it matters most

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Rely on voice alerts to connect at scale

The more important a notification is, the more it matters that every person on your list gets the message reliably. You’ll see strong delivery rates with outbound voice alerts as customers will be less likely to miss the notification among other channels.

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Enhance customer experiences with a personal touch

Create links with your customers beyond the call. Personalize your notifications by adding names into calls, using audio messages from a familiar voice, and sending over customer questions to a person (not a robot). Building voice alerts with our API saves time while keeping relationships feel human.

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Model voice calls to your desired sound

Go over the hurdle of customizing voice calls for your audience. Without any telecom expertise, you can set up outbound voice notifications using Voice API features such as text-to-speech (TTS), interactive voice response (IVR), answering machine detection, or playing your audio recording on calls. Combine as many features as you want to make a voice experience best suited to your customers.

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Send out alerts not too early, not too late

Make connections in context. Because 90% of customers are more likely to do business with a company that sends reminders, you can boost customer relationships by delivering important alerts with the correct timing. Send your real-time voice calls near appointments and delivery arrivals using our API. Customers can also playback a pre-recorded voicemail, so your message isn’t lost within their notifications.

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Combine text & voice notifications for a well rounded strategy

Every communication channel matters when it comes to alerts and notifications. It’s unlikely that a single channel will be best-suited to the wide range of notifications your business needs to send. With Bandwidth’s communication APIs for SMS, MMS, and voice – product leaders can build a multi-channel strategy for sending out appointment reminders, service alerts, delivery notices, order confirmations, and more.

Learn more about sending SMS text alerts and notifications!

Built for developers

Ready to start sending voice alerts and notifications to your customers? Our Voice API offers the building blocks to get you started.

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We support a wide range of SDK’s. View SDKs

def appointment_reminder(name, date) -> str:
    """Respond to a Bandwidth `Answer` Webhook

        str: BXML response with SpeakSentence Instructions
    response = Response()

    sentence = SpeakSentence(
        sentence=f"Hey {name}, your appointment is on {date}"


    return response.to_bxml()

How can your industry be transformed with Bandwidth?

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Reduce no-shows by allowing patients to confirm or reschedule appointments at the press of a button with IVR. Manage patient care with reminder calls to pick up prescriptions.

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Provide exceptional service to your guests with travel and reservation notices, giving them enough time to make travel decisions without feeling rushed.

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Give timely updates on emergencies and school closures to students and faculty. Record an audio file from a superintendent for official notices over a call.

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Alert customers who need to check their account balances or with fraud detections. Direct concerns to a secure contact base and lower your service costs.

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Want to learn more about creating Voice Notifications? Talk to an expert today, or check out our complete programmable voice API offerings.

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