Bandwidth webinar

Messaging Best Practices

Your messages are only useful if they’re delivered. Join Bandwidth & Trumpia to learn best practices for improving your message deliverability and engagement from experts in the messaging industry.

Wednesday, June 19th @ 2PM ET

Text messaging continues to grow as an essential communications channel for businesses to reach their customers. From real-time service alerts and promotions to receipts and appointment reminders, businesses are leveraging messaging as a way to quickly inform and stay in touch with an increasingly mobile audience. But with recent changes to regulations and additional carrier fees, it’s increasingly important to be thoughtful in your approach.

Did you know that in business messaging, you pay for what you send, not for what’s delivered? With carriers continuing to take a harder line on SPAM to improve the customer experience and the health of their networks, it’s important to make sure your messages don’t get caught in their nets.

To ensure that your messages are being delivered and engaged with, our messaging experts have partnered with Trumpia to give you a peek behind the curtain and show what happens after you click send, how it affects your messaging deliverability, and how to make sure your customers are engaging with the messages you send them.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • All of the factors that can affect your message as it travels from you to the recipient
  • How carrier connections can affect your deliverability
  • What carriers are looking at when trying to filter to SPAM
  • Common reasons legit messages are mislabeled as SPAM
  • How to use error messages to improve your message deliverability and save money
  • How to better target your audience with messages that will be engaged with once they’re delivered

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Caroline Sutton

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Bandwidth

Since joining Bandwidth in 2016, Caroline has worked to set the product marketing roadmap, evolving Bandwidth’s market positioning to appeal to software developers, product owners, telecom professionals, and the enterprise. Today, her focus is on growing and evangelizing the Bandwidth Messaging portfolio as well as educating the market on the messaging industry as a whole.


Trumpia provides automated lifecycle engagement for SMS, providing smart targeting, omni-channel messaging, and integration into the tools you already use for a seamless customer communications experience.