Bandwidth webinar

Building an Omni-Channel Toll-Free Strategy

Getting the most out of your toll-free numbers has never been easier. This webinar will show you how using your toll-free numbers for both voice and messaging gives your customers a better user experience and you a unified communications channel.

Wednesday, May 22nd @ 2PM ET

The word “omni-channel” gets thrown around a lot, but it doesn’t get applied to your toll-free numbers very often. Tune in to learn how your toll-free numbers, the ones you already have, can be leveraged across channels. See how you can leverage you toll-free numbers for voice calling as well as how they’re a great alternative to short codes for sending high volume messages.

Who knew your 1-800 number could do so much?!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How toll-free numbers can be leveraged for both voice and messaging
  • Learn how toll-free numbers can send messages at the same volumes as short codes but for a lower cost
  • See how text-enabling your toll-free numbers allows for a better user experience, with a single number for customers to interact with

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Caitlin Long

Product Marketing Manager, Voice & Phone Numbers, Bandwidth

In her time at Bandwidth, Caitlin has been in charge of go-to-market strategy, including messaging and positioning, for all Voice products. A storyteller by trade, she has worked in Product Marketing for five years and specializes in translating technical product information so the customer doesn’t have to.

Caroline Sutton

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Bandwidth

Since joining Bandwidth in 2016, Caroline has worked to set the product marketing roadmap, evolving Bandwidth’s market positioning to appeal to software developers, product owners, telecom professionals, and the enterprise. Today, her focus is on growing and evangelizing the Bandwidth Messaging portfolio as well as educating the market on the messaging industry as a whole.