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In 1999, we saw an industry

that was broken, so we set out to reinvent it. We figured, it was time for telecom to stop telling people what to do and to start helping them do what they wanted.

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We found others who shared our passion to create the things that could only be imagined. And together, we found new ways to do the things that really matter-like saving people money, putting our customers in control and tapping into the creativity of the people we aim to serve.

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We're helping consumers save

thousands on their smartphone plans with Republic Wireless, working with brands like Google, Pinger, and Skype to integrate voice into applications, providing nationwide E9-1-1 services, and constantly challenging the status quo to uncover the value that a century-old industry's locked away.

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New Value Unlocked


Pinger was new to telecom and had a vision to create an app that would turn any device into a phone. Working together, we brought Pinger’s idea to market and they launched Textfree which became the #2 most popular seller on the App Store.

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Skype is recognized as the original over-the-top communications app, with a tremendous user experience and feature set. Using Bandwidth’s all IP network, Skype helps people connect for less – both down the street and around the globe.

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Group Me

GroupMe was working with a platform-only provider for their group texting app but when business started to grow, so did their telecom costs. Bandwidth’s model allowed GroupMe to scale the business to the next level and beyond.

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Google Voice

Bandwidth's phone numbers help power Google Voice, enabling a whole new world of connectivity that wasn't possible just a few years ago.

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Republic Wireless

Our very own Republic Wireless is shaking up the consumer wireless market with an innovative approach to mobile. Republic leverages Wi-Fi to unlock remarkable value for consumers, with a $19/month unlimited everything plan.

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Marchex is really good at helping sophisticated advertisers work smarter, with click-to-call and call analytics playing starring roles. They rely on Bandwidth's nationwide inventory and full suite of voice services to connect consumers to their clients and close deals.

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We're Bandwidth—a communications technology

company that's shaking up the entire telecommunications industry. We invite you to get to know us. Maybe you can help.

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