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Find legal resources related to Bandwidth websites, products, and services.

Contracting with Bandwidth is simple and transparent, and it reflects our unique business model. The terms governing the purchase of Bandwidth Services consist of four main building blocks: the Order Form and the Services Agreement—which are generally the same for any Service on our price list—and the Supplemental Legal Terms and Product Terms, which are a product-specific collection of terms.


Order Form

An ordering document that specifies mutually agreed-upon commercial terms applicable to the Services, including rates and any minimum spend commitments and recurring charges.


Services Agreement

Describes the essential legal terms that apply to your Services, including usage rights, customer data, warranties, confidentiality, and limitations of liability provisions. This also incorporates Bandwidth’s Data Protection Addendum and Acceptable Use Policy.


Supplemental Legal Terms

Any legal or Service-specific terms and requirements that (a) supplement the terms of the Agreement between Customer and Bandwidth and (b) apply solely to the extent Customer uses an identified Service, set forth here.


Product Terms

The Service-specific terms and conditions applicable to the Bandwidth Services you acquire, set forth here.

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Law Enforcement Guide

Not just for law enforcement! Click here to find all things related to criminal, civil & government inquiries.


Report a Phone Number

We hate spam, harassment, and fraudulent activity as much as you. Help us put a stop to them by sending us a report.


Rural Call Completion Inquiry

If you have an inquiry related to rural call completion go here to find out how to reach out to our team.

Communications Services Agreement

Learn more about our Communications Services Agreement.

Reseller Services Agreement

Learn more about our Reseller Services Agreement.

Supplemental Legal Terms

Access a comprehensive list of supplemental terms and conditions for Bandwidth products and services.

Product Terms

Access a comprehensive list of supplemental terms and conditions for Bandwidth products and services.

Data Protection and Privacy

Interested in our Data Protection & Privacy program? You have come to the right place.

Acceptable Use Policy

Learn about our Acceptable Use Policy here.

Privacy Notice

Learn about how we handle personal information and our privacy practices.

911 & VoIP

Read legal information regarding our 911 and VoIP services.

Trademark & Service Guide

Get information on the standards and usage requirements for Bandwidth trademarks.

Terms of Use

Read about the Terms of Use for Bandwidth websites.

Virtual Patent Marking

Get details on various Bandwidth patent information.

GPL Cooperation Commitment

Learn about the details of Bandwidth’s GPL cooperation commitment.