Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

Take your Microsoft Teams PSTN connectivity global with Bandwidth and Operator Connect.
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What is Operator Connect?

Operator Connect is the next generation of Teams Direct Routing, designed to give users an easy way to select a carrier and add PSTN access to Microsoft Teams.

Direct RoutingOperator Connect
Emergency callingE911 Dynamic Location Routing & Emergency CallingCost of Ownership
TextingSMS and MMS available*SMS and MMS available*
Number procurementAvailable in the Bandwidth dashboardAvailable in the Bandwidth dashboard
Number managementAvailable in the Bandwidth Dashboard or APIsAvailable in the Bandwidth Dashboard or APIs
Number provisioningIT Admin assigns phone numbers and policies with PowerShellNumbers visible in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center**
CoverageNorth America, if hosted; Global if not hostedGlobal**
Cost of ownershipKeep your SBCs, or let Bandwidth hostBandwidth fully hosts your SBCs**
LocationPure cloud, hybrid, or on-premPure cloud**
SupportBandwidth Tier 1 Support with escalations through Microsoft 365 or Premier SupportBandwidth Tier 1 Support and Shared Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Microsoft**
*SMS and MMS are currently only available in U.S. and Canada. Get in touch to learn more.
**Only with Operator Connect

Operator Connect with Bandwidth = flexibility + simplicity

Operator Connect gives organizations the migration control of Direct Routing, paired with the simplicity of Calling Plans. You’ll get:

Migration Control

Move to the cloud with API-driven, direct-to-carrier control and flexibility.

Easy Deployment

Connect to the PSTN, order numbers, and more within Microsoft Teams.

Global Reach

Go global with access to over 90% of the world’s economy with a single provider.

Call Reliability

Get a one-to-one network connection with Azure on a resilient, redundant network.

Emergency Calling

Provide emergency calling that can fully comply with regulations like RAY BAUM’s Act.

White-Glove Support

Get award-winning support, guidance, and shared SLAs with Bandwidth and Microsoft.

Lower Costs

Ditch your on-prem equipment and reduce your communications expenses.

Regulatory Support

Expand into new markets confidently with regulatory expertise in 60+ countries.

Your telephony options in Microsoft Teams

Deciding between Direct Routing, Operator Connect, and Calling Plans? This should help.

Is Teams Operator Connect right for you?

If you need complete telephony control, want to keep some on-prem equipment, and have coding skills, then Direct Routing is still perfect for you. If you value ease of use, and you don’t want to manage your SBCs in-house, give Operator Connect a go.

Operator Connect is best if you:

Don't have PowerShell knowledge

Have a global, distributed workforce

Want to fully migrate to the cloud

Need a direct-to-carrier relationship

Prefer number self-servicing

Do you sell Operator Connect or Direct Routing to your customers? Let's talk!

Bring award-winning telephony to your organization

Come directly to us for:

  • Peace of mind with the carrier behind the Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders
  • Award-winning BYOC integrations for the top UCaaS and CCaaS platforms
  • Built-in texting with Bandwidth phone numbers via award-winning Send-To*
  • Emergency calling from a Microsoft-Certified E911 Dynamic
    Location Routing (DLR) provider
  • Freedom to move to and around the communications cloud with a universal platform
  • 24/7/365 support with a 97% CSAT score

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