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Easily engage patients the way they want

Connect patients and healthcare providers at enterprise-trusted scale in all the ways patients prefer—with HIPAA-eligible communication APIs.

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Lean on trusted support to future-proof your communications

Tired of dropped calls and undeliverable messages?

Your organization needs robust features, but fancy widgets aren’t enough to fuel your critical communications. You need an ally you can trust to support seamless patient experiences. Rely on our enterprise-grade APIs, owned carrier network with global reach, expertise in telecom regulations, and fully-staffed 24/7 support to future-proof your company.

Simply said—more utility, easy scalability, fewer headaches.

Messaging API

Messaging API

Build in high-volume secure text messaging into your application with carrier-exclusive delivery insights.

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Voice API

Voice API

Deliver quality, reliable voice calling between patients and providers backed by our owned-and-operated network with global reach.

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Emergency Calling API

Emergency Calling API

Connect your users to emergency services in dependable new ways—complete with precise location information.

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Authentication API

Authentication API

Protect private health information in patient portals with easy-to-integrate multi-factor authentication.

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Video API

In-app calling

Easily enable click-to-call interactions between patients and providers without expensive telecom infrastructure.

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Easily deliver

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Appointment reminders

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Care management

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Intake forms

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Pharmacy notifications

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IVR phone trees

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Patient satisfaction surveys

The Bandwidth platform is adaptable. We are developing new features on our platform every day. Having the opportunity to ask questions and getting the kind of expertise that Bandwidth provides, made the development process straightforward for us.
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Power your healthcare communications with better support, tools, and insights

Messaging insights

Get real-time insights into delivery, straight from your carrier—us.

Scale without telecomplexity

Get to 60+ countries reaching over 90% of the global economy.

Enterprise-scale support

Get 360° support that earned 97.4% customer satisfaction score.

Migrate with ease

On your way to the cloud? Access the help and resources Gartner leaders get.

Top communication channels for patient retention: 2023 Report

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Trusted by industry leaders and innovators

We work with the most innovative software companies in the world. We’ve helped companies change how patients and providers connect and communicate around the globe.

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Simplify sophisticated patient experiences with one communications cloud

Plateauing with API platforms and their network troubles and inconsistent support? Experience direct-to-network access and award-winning support.

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What is SMS for healthcare?

SMS for healthcare refers to the ability to programmatically send text messages to fellow staff members, patients, or other healthcare providers via a platform or application. SMS presents a great way to improve overall communication and patient engagement. Text messages like SMS or MMS enable quick and easy appointment reminders, updates on results, or other important alerts and notifications.

What other services can I use for my healthcare-related use cases?

Bandwidth helps with more than just SMS for healthcare. We also provide MMS, voice, emergency and in-browser calling services for healthcare business providers. Use these services to best engage with your staff and/or patients and better the overall environment of care

Why should I use voice and messaging for healthcare?

Patients have strong preferences about the channel they want to communicate on at different points of their care cycle. Offering them options can improve their engagement and in turn, improve their health outcomes. For example, sending appointment reminders is a great way to decrease no-shows and ensure patients show up at the right time. Phone call is still the preferred channel for contacting and being contacted by healthcare providers, per a 2023 survey.

Simply put, using technology can massively improve the patient experience.

Why use Bandwidth for patient communications?

Building scalable and innovative communications use cases into a patient engagement platform can be challenging, which is why Bandwidth is here to help. Our user interface means that anyone with web development skills can get started creating voice and/or and text messaging applications. We make sure to provide you with helpful pieces of sample code, how-to guides, SDKs, and API documentation to get you going.

But most of all, we’re known for our customer experience. We’re here as your partner to help you successfully navigate the rules and regulations that telecom presents.

Does Bandwidth provide HIPAA-compliant messaging products?

For covered entities that are communicating protected health information (PHI), and are therefore subject to HIPAA, Bandwidth offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) covering our messaging API and programmable voice API. See the full list of our HIPAA-eligible services. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this answer does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information is for general informational purposes only.

How much do your services cost - SMS, MMS, voice, in-browser calling and/or video?

You can find our pricing information here. In addition, any BAA that Bandwidth signs with a customer has a list price of $3000/month.